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Who Am I?

Who Am I

Gino Rea....

My name is Gino Rea, I race motorcycles professionally but I also build websites. What started as a hobby eleven years ago quickly became very important for my racing career, and now that hobby is creating affordable websites for you! I race around the globe in a World Championship and have decided to put my hobby to use in my spare time, to provide fast bespoke website design at affordable prices, for personal or small business use.




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Bespoke website design

Your online presence has never been more important, with the generation of our time now looking to Google to provide them the answer. Whether it be to purchase an item or to find information, the internet is the point of call for everyone. Now is the time to have your business online. I provide web design that combines high quality bespoke designs with affordability. Every website is designed and built to the individual requirements of each client. My aim is to provide you with a website that will enhance your business and increase your sales and enquiries. I optimise each page to make sure it is search engine friendly and will rank highly in search engines.


I offer a variety of website development services to suit your requirements, whether it be an eCommerce website to sell your products online, or a start up website that gives you a presence online from which you can build upon, or perhaps an online blog where you can showcase your reviews, ideas and experiences.


80% of google users will make their decision from the top 5 results on a google search, or they will switch back to the search and enter a more detailed search term. This is why being at the top of the rankings for your website’s relevant search terms is so important, the difference of one position in a google ranking can be the make or break between an important visitor coming to your site or not at all.


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