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Gino Rea to start wildcard campaign at Le Mans on 17-19th May

Gino Rea on the podium in Sepang

Gino's Moto2 wildcard campaign will get under way at the French GP at Le Mans on the 17-19th May. Gino now eagerly awaits the start of his season in 6 weeks time. Rea had hoped to be racing at the first of the European rounds in Jerez, but those hopes were shot down by the acceptance of two Spanish wildcards at their home grand prix. Despite this minor setback, the FTR Moto2 bike will be built within the next two weeks and Gino will begin testing in preparation for Le Mans Round 4 of the Moto2 World Championship.

2013 will see Gino ride for his own 'Gino Rea Race Team' nicknamed 'GRR8T,' with bike support from FTR and some funding support from his online supporters page Gino will head the only British built FTR chassis in the Moto2 class and is calling out for UK sponsors to support his all British effort.

Gino, a GP podium finisher in his debut Moto2 year, is desperately trying to keep his World Championship dreams alive after losing his ride on the eve of the official pre-season tests. Due to a lack of sponsorship the ESGP team Rea had agreed to ride for withdrew from the Moto2 Championship leaving Gino to find his own way. With the continued support of FTR and the generosity of Ginos race fans, the Londoner has a starting platform to begin his Moto2 wildcard campaign.

Interested sponsors can see the coverage spaces on the GRR8T FTR Moto2 bike design and are urged to contact Gino Rea Race Team by emailing

Ginos fans can help by purchasing merchandise, hospitality passes and lots more at

GRR8T FTR 2013 Moto2 Bike (Orange will differ)

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