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Gino launches Gino Rea Club to help raise funds for 2013

Why Does Gino Need YOU To Help Him? 

Gino Rea Loses Moto2 Ride


After agreeing to ride with the newly formed ESGP team last year, the team pulled out at the last minute (5th Feb) leaving Gino without a ride in 2013. With YOUR help, we can try to raise enough funds to secure Gino a ride this year.

Gino is asking his followers to help him race this year by donating to his race fund. With small contributions from all of Gino's supporters, we can achieve our goal in keeping Gino on track in 2013. Donations range from £10 up to full sponsorship packages.

How will your money help Gino?

Due to the economic climate, race teams now rely on riders to bring money to race. Even in the World Championship, riders have to find their own sponsors to take into teams.  The budget to race in the World Championship is astronomical, the travelling fee's alone are £20,000+. The majority of Moto2 teams ask for the riders to bring in 6 figure amounts. 


With Gino losing his personal sponsor and the ESGP team not securing enough funds, the team had no choice but to pull out of the championship before it even began.

Gino is trying to raise enough money to contribute to a team in the Moto2 Championship. At the moment there is one remaining spot on the Moto2 grid. If we raise enough funds as soon as possible, Gino may be able to get this ride! But we don't have much time for that. Failing that Gino is waiting for two World Superbike teams to see if they can supply him a ride for the rest of the season after Phillip Island (first WSBK race is Feb 26th at Phillip Island, AUS).

Our other option is to get a new entry from Dorna/ Irta (MotoGP organisers) in Moto2 but this is very costly. We have the infrastructure to run a team, we have the bike and crew chief together already. FTR will support Gino with their Moto2 bike which would be ideal, British Rider, British Bike.

Your money will go towards a ride one way or another. Even if Gino has to wait for a seat to become available (through injury or team/rider disagreement), Gino will still use your money to put towards that ride.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope that with your help we can get Gino back on a bike, where he belongs!

Click Here for Donation Packages

Sponsorship Packages
If you can do more to help Gino, perhaps through your business, we can offer sponsorship packages to suit you. There's limited space on the bike and leathers so please don't hesitate! Email with your details or phone David Rea on +44 (0) 7710728900 and we'll get back to you asap.

(To make your contribution, you have the option to pay through PayPal or by using your debit/ credit card. Click Here for the Donations Page)

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