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Electrical Problems hamper Gino Rea at Brno 

problem, but it remained to affect Rea’s performance on race day. Whilst having to deal with an electrical problem Gino continued to improve the chassis performance, resulting in his best lap of the weekend during Sundays Warm Up, closing the gap to 1.1 seconds in 21st. 


The race however, proved to be even more difficult. Gino was off to a good start and was in the group that went to points scoring positions, before his bike started to loose more power and eventually coming to a complete stop. Retiring from the race, Gino had this to say:


“A very difficult weekend for us. The electrical problems haunted us since Friday and no matter what we changed, the problem just wouldn’t go away. In the race the problem increased and I had to retire when the bike completely stopped. It’s a shame to have so many problems because Brno is one of my favourite circuits. I want to just have a smooth, problem free weekend where I can focus on my riding and set up of my FTR bike. It’s difficult enough as it is being the only FTR and running a team ourselves, I just want a fair chance at it.


“Next weekend is my home Grand Prix and the problem needs to be fixed before the start of the weekend. I really want to have a strong weekend and if there’s anywhere specific to do it, I want to do it at Silverstone. I look forward to seeing the home crowd and meeting the English fans, I hope I get to meet the people who helped me race through my website. See you there!”

The Brno MotoGP weekend was an electrical nightmare for Gino Rea and his newly formed Gino Rea Montaze Broz Racing Team. After merging with Montaze Broz Racing Team, both parties had hoped for a smooth, problem free weekend but that wasn’t to be. The weekend got off on the wrong foot when Gino’s FTR machine stopped at the start of Fridays first Free Practice session. Rea missed that valuable 45min session and from then onwards Gino and team were a step behind the rest. Although there was again an apparent problem with Gino’s bike during Fridays second session, it saw a strong showing from the young Londoner, finishing just 1.5 seconds from pole position in 22nd position. 

The team worked hard all evening and night to find a solution to the misfiring and loss of power but it reappeared again on Saturday morning during Free Practice three. The problem continued over to qualifying, leaving Rea in 29th position. 

Once again, the team worked late into the night to fix the 

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